Ogme is a SaaS for the entreprises and for non technical users, without any SQL knowlege.




FullStack Developer/UI Designer/UX Designer


    • Understand the users, their motivations and the context of the product.

    • Secure database data and user information.

    • Make users without SQL knowledges autonomous to their data research.

Understanding the market

  • After conducting interviews around me, i began this project by searching differents websites dealing with the same subject and by trying to understand the differents users.

  • During my research i found an other website who dealing the same subject : Metabase. There is however one difference, for researching data we should write queries.

  • I saw two differents users now: web developers and those without SQL knowledges. Web developers need the website to be secure and the others need it to be easy to use. Metabase understand web developers but not the other users.

Understanding the audience

  • After thinking of my experiences and talking to other web developer, it became pretty clear to me that the user at the center of this project should be one without SQL knowledges. Ogme had to be simple and fun to use.


  • Top landing page
  • pricingg page
  • Bottom landing page
  • moles
  • rockets
  • icons